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Nanjing University Southeast University


In the afternoon of Sept. 10, 2013, at “The Scholarship Awarding Ceremony for Celebrating the 29th Teacher’s Day” of Nanjing University, the First “Yurun Teaching Lifetime Achievement Award” named with Yurun Group was formally announced at the auditorium of its Gulou Campus, and Lu Dexing and Wang Shouren, two old professors having stuck to the first line of teaching for long term shared this special honor. Chen Jun, president of Nanjing University, and Zhu Yicai, chairman of Yurun Group, presented medals to the award-winners together, who were awarded RMB200,000 respectively. This was the highest amount of single teaching assistantship presented by Nanjing University up till now.

This was the start of Yurun Group’s second Five-Year Plan for donating to Nanjing University. In 2008-2012, Yurun completed the donation of RMB1.50 million “Zhu Yicai Scholarship” in 5 years, and subsidized 500 students from poverty-stricken families in total. In order to continuously support Nanjing University’s plan for teaching reform of regular college courses, Yurun Group renewed the Donation Agreement with Nanjing University this year, stipulating that Yurun Group donates a total of RMB4 million in 2013-2017, namely RMB800,000 annually, to support the development of Nanjing University.

Similarly, “Zhu Yicai Scholarship” set up by Yurun at Southeast University completed the first five-year donation plan. In five years, Yurun donated RMB1.50 million and helped 500 students finish schooling smoothly. Also, Yurun set up “Zhu Yicai Scholarship” in many other famous universities like Anhui University.