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Becoming a Leader with Larger Scale, Forming System

Yurun hammering at driving peasants to increase income and achieve prosperity in 20 years

    Yurun is one of the first “National Key Leading Enterprises of Agricultural Industrialization” jointly evaluated and determined by China’s eight ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Agriculture in 2000. Over the past 20 years since its foundation, Yurun has gradually formed the interest linkage mechanism of “company + base+ peasant households” based on the tenet of “becoming a larger and stronger leader, serving the countryside and agriculture, and driving peasants to increase income”.

    Calculated as per Yurun’s annual production capacity of around 56,650,000 pigs, if each household breeds 5 pigs, then Yurun will directly drive more than 10 million peasant households to develop livestock breeding industry every year; if calculated as per that each household has 4 persons, Yurun may drive 40 million peasants to increase income; and if calculated as per the gross profit RMB300/ pig, the gross amount of income increased for peasants will be around RMB17 billion.

    Yurun has more than 300 factories and pig farms in more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions nationwide. Calculated as per that every factory transfers 200 residual laborers in rural areas in average, Yurun may solve the employment problems of 60,000 migrant workers in total; in addition, Yurun recruits more than 4,000 university graduates every year, and more than 60% of them are from rural families.

    Yurun pays much attention to the development of glorious careers, and has accumulatively invested more than RMB30 billion to construct more than 150 factories in former revolutionary base regions, regions inhabited by ethnic minorities, border regions and poverty-stricken regions. For example, in lonely regions like Wuwei of Gansu Province, Bijie of Guizhou Province, and Shihezi of Xinjiang. Yurun has established an agricultural industrialization base, strengthened “hemopoiesis” functions, and transformed the mode of supporting the poor from donation to development, truly driving the long-term effective development of rural undeveloped regions.

    Yurun has always persisted in the order-based agriculture mode of “company + base + peasant household”, completed the exchange with peasants at bases, connected the first, secondary and tertiary industries, imported the production elements like information, technology, talent, and fund, from industry to agriculture, implemented the “industry-financed agriculture” strategy, promoted the uniform development of urban and rural economy, and formed the long-term effective mechanism of promoting agriculture with industry, and driving rural development with urban development. At present, Yurun’s factories nationwide cover each section of feedingstuff, cultivation, slaughtering, intensive processing, sale, and cold chain logistics, etc., forming a complete industrial chain, and driving peasants to increase income and achieve prosperity in an overall and full-industry-chain way.