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Yurun Given the Title of “AAA-Grade Credit Enterprise of China”

       On June 20, 2013, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce and SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission) on developing industrial credit rating, the results of China Enterprises’ Credit Rating 2012 organized and developed by the China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association were formally announced. Yurun Group was elected China AAA-Grade Credit Enterprise of China, the highest credit grade for Chinese enterprises at present.

       Yurun has always paid much attention to enterprise’s credit construction since its foundation. Yurun took the lead in bringing forward the business concept of “you trust because we care” at home in 1993, the early stage of its entrepreneurship, and has always adhered to the concept. Yurun has prepared the system manual --- Yurun “Food Code” consisting of 160,000 characters, which is amazing and impressive. Also, Yurun has participated in preparing multiple international standards, as well as the various systems and standards of the enterprise. All these reveal the road of credit that Yurun People have persisted in. It may be said that it’s natural for Yurun to receive the honor this time.

       The content and index system of enterprises’ credit rating consist of six first-level indexes such as business environment, operation and competition, management ability and level, credit construction and credit management, financial strength, and credit record, as well as many second- and third-level indexes, and it is used to comprehensively assess enterprises’ credit building and credit management ability and level. The China Enterprise Confederation divides enterprises’ credit ratings into three classes and five grades, namely, AAA, AA, A, B, C. This time, Yurun received the highest grade AAA, effective for 3 years.

       At present, the result has been announced and publicized at the China Enterprises’ Credit Network (, China Enterprise Union Network (, China Anti-Fraud Network ( and the magazine Business Administration. The China Enterprise Confederation will recommend related enterprises to the governmental departments like the Ministry of Commerce, and the SASAC of the State Council, , in order to make enterprises having received credit rating obtain various conveniences and market opportunities in development. Meanwhile, at a later stage, the China Enterprise Confederation will develop demonstrative activity of enterprises’ credit construction, and expand credit rating and enterprises’ social recognition.

       Being titled China Grade-AAA Credit Enterprise this time is not only an encouragement, but also a responsibility for Yurun. Yurun people will continue to abide by the business concept of “you trust because we care”, extend this concept to every industry of Yurun, persist in credit operation, develop toward a larger and stronger enterprise, and make its new and greater contributions to China’s economic development.