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Tourism Hotel Group

Aiming at people’s increasingly rising demand on business tourism and leisure, Yurun has planned the development strategy of creating Tourism Resort at popular scenic areas. Based on the design tenet of “taking ecology into account first, following culture, integrating with nature, and seeking syncretism between heaven and man”, Yurun has invited the world top-ranking masters like Tadao Andoto design hotels, and made full efforts to create a national brand of internationalized high-end business tourism.

Yurun Huangshan International Business Tourism Resort includes the projects such as Huangshan Golf Five-Star Hotel Group, Huangshan Hanyuelou Six-Star Villa Hotel, and 36-Hole International Standard Golf Course. The Huangshan Golf Hotel is the first five-star resort hotel approved by China National Tourism Administration in the Huangshan region.

“Yurun Jiuhuashan International Tourism Resort sufficiently respects the Buddhist culture of Jiuhua Mountain, and creates the tourism landscapes with the mutual coordination of ecology, humanism and nature. Jiuhuashan Hanyuelou Six-Star Villa Resort Hotel is the unique court-type hotel of Anhui style specially created by Yurun at home, and for it, Yurun has introduced the world famous hotel management company SLP to take charge of the hotel’s property management. It’s estimated that, in the upcoming 5 years, Yurun will invest to construct 50 high-star hotels with more than 20,000 guestrooms in total.



Nanjing Hanyuelou Hotel

 Nanjing Hanyuelou Hotel is an international ultra-luxury comprehensive five-star hotel invested to construct by Jiangsu Yurun Group, designed by a world famous and top-ranking designer team, and entrusted to manage by the internationally famous company The Capella Hotel Group Asia. This hotel is a part of Yurun International Plaza, a large urban complex building (including a large luxury department store and compartments).

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 The Hotel, covering a total building area of around 60,000m2, is built into 27 floors, and consists of 319 luxury guestrooms, 2 ballrooms, 8 multi-function halls, 1 VIP rest room, as well as a bar, a book bar, a SPA, a fitness center and an interior swimming pool.

 The Club has now two international standard 18-hole Rainbow Valley and Jade Valley golf courses, one driving range, and a Youth Golf Training Center established with the formal approval of the Multi-balls Sports Administrative Center of the State General Administration of Sports of China.

 It is estimated to start business in March 2014.

Huangshan Yurun Hanyuelou Hotel

 Huangshan Yurun Hanyuelou Hotel is located inside Huangshan City, Anhui Province, adjacent to the Yellow Mountain scenic area with beautiful sceneries, and close to Huangshan Airport, enjoying convenient traffic conditions. The hotel is invested to construct by Jiangsu Yurun Group, and every guestroom is designed by famous architects, with meticulous attention for every detail. You can enjoy the immersion in the leisurely mountain resort atmosphere, and place yourself in the elegant situation in the south of the Yangtze River.

 As one of the few high-end and luxury villa resort hotels in China, Huangshan Yurun Hanyuelou Hotel will make you drunk and indulged in pleasures without stop by dint of its design concept ---the soul of traditional Anhui-style buildings, unique Anhui-style building style, low-key but luxury interior decoration, industrial leading advanced facilities and equipment, considerate and professional butler services, beautiful garden sceneries existing everywhere, as well as profound Huizhou cultural deposits filling the air.


 The hotel consists of 99 detached villas with a 36-hole golf course among them, including 49 bright-moon hydraulic massage villas, 46 green swimming pool villas and 4 president suite villas; and provides functional services like SPA, restaurant, conference, and interior swimming pool. Taking “perfect service and gathering elites” as vision, and “honor, privacy, convenience and professional service” as business tenets, each villa having independent courtyard will make every guest sufficiently feel the warmth of home and enjoy more comfortable and considerate services.

Huangshan Songbai Golf Country Club

 Huangshan Songbai Golf County Club (“Huangshan Golf Hotel”) is a tourism and resort hotel invested and constructed by Yurun Group, and integrating accommodation, restaurant, entertainment, conference, and golf. Located inside the Huangshan Yurun Holiday Resort with beautiful sceneries in Tunxi District, Huangshan City, the project has complete facilities and luxury decoration, and integrates sports, leisure, holiday, and commerce.

 Huangshan Golf Hotel was formally open to business on Oct. 1, 2001, and was determined to be a five-star hotel by China National Tourism Administration in January 2003. Located at the very center of the golf course, Huangshan Golf Hotel is the first five-star ecological resort hotel in Huangshan City, and it consists of 1#, 2#, 3# and 5# buildings, and a total of 672 guestrooms.

 Now, the Club has two international standard 18-hole Rainbow Valley and Jade Valley golf courses, one driving range, and a Youth Golf Training Center established with the formal approval of the Multi-balls Sports Administrative Center of the State General Administration of Sports of China.


 Since starting business, Huangshan Golf Hotel has been positively evaluated in the industry and obtained public praise on its management in the society. It was elected Provincial Excellent Star-Level Restaurant by Anhui Tourism Bureau successively for seven years in 2006-2012, was elected “Golden-Leaf Green Tourism Hotel” by National Tourist Hotel Star-Rating Committee in 2008, and was endowed with the “China Hotel Golden Star Award” by China Tourist Hotels Association in 2010. Also, it was elected “The Best Golf Resort Hotel” under Hotel Starlight Award in 2007 and “China Top Ten Tourism and Resort Hotels” under China Hotel Starlight Award in 2009 by China Starlight Award Review Committee. In addition, it was conferred with China Hotel Golden Horse Award in 2008 and China Restaurant Golden Horse Award (2009-2010) “China Best Golf Themed Hotel” by China Hotel Industry Annual Meeting Organization Committee.

Jiuhuashan Hanyuelou Resort Hotel

 Jiuhuashan Hanyuelou Resort Hotel, the only super-five-star international chain luxury resort hotel in Jiuhuashan, is invested by Jiangsu Yurun Group and managed by the famous American CAPELLA HOTEL GROUP. The hotel covers a floor space of 311mu, and is located at the foot of Jiuhua Mountain, which is a national AAAAA scenic area and one of China’s four Buddhist mountains, and is featured by the Buddhist culture and natural and humanistic scenic spots. It is only 300m away from the 99m high Ksigigarbha Bodhisattva statue, and is only 30 minutes by car from the Jiuhuashan International Airport.

 Constructed according to the topography of the Jiuhua Mountain, Jiuhuashan Hanyuelou Resort Hotel is a perfect combination of Buddhism and nature at the foot of the Jiuhua Mountain, the Lotus Buddhist Kingdom, and is the unique peaceful land of idyllic beauty at Jiuhua Mountain. Nature is the most beautiful designer here. The flowing water of Jiuhua Mountain Stream is introduced to the Hotel’s 6,800m2 central lake area, passing by the whole hotel building group; and the 184 guestrooms and 39 luxury and intelligent luxury villas are situated at the foot of the mountain and beside stream, and distributed in a well-proportioned way. The overhanging eaves, rake angles, whitewashed wall and black tiles set off the green mountain and clear water, just like a long natural scroll painting. A Gallery bridge, a shed frame, and windows with moon-shaped holes greatly enrich the landscape, and reproduce the charming grace of ancient Anhui-style residences with the inverted reflections in the lake water.


 The hotel is designed to integrate natural sunshine, waterscapes, gardens and Buddhist culture of the Holy Land into the whole building park. It smartly mixes the elegance accumulated over the past centuries and the holiness of Buddhism rites of Huizhou, and integrates nature and humanism, classical allusion and modern atmosphere. Featured by the connotation of ancient Huizhou-style building, the hotel shows its boundlessness in its elegance. With advanced international design concept as the strength of character, and through concise and vivid design skills, this hotel sufficiently embodies the perfect combination of China’s classical garden and modern technology, extends the abundant connotations of the journey of Buddhist culture pilgrimage, and supports the harmonious scroll painting of landscapes, hotel and travels with extensive and profound Buddhist cultural deposits.