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Yurun Food

    Food is one of Yurun’s leading lines of products. “Food industry is a sector whose fame is ensured by its ethics.” This is the core business philosophy established by Mr. Zhu Yicai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yurun Group, at the early stage of his business development.

    As a pioneer of low-temperature meat products in China, Yurun is leading the healthy meat market at home by dint of advanced production process and technology. Yurun has ranked the first place in China for consecutively 15 years in the market share of low-temperature meat products, and its products have been exported to other countries and regions including Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore and Hong Kong, etc. Nowadays, Yurun Food owns one China Well-known Trademark, three China Name Brands, and one China Time-honored Brand.

    As a leader in the chilled fresh pork market of China, Yurun is stepping up efforts to construct five-star advanced slaughter plants, introduce complete set of world-class production lines and build advanced inspection and testing laboratories in accordance with the Development Program of National Pig Slaughtering Industry issued by the Ministry of Commerce in order to produce chilled fresh pork of highest quality, safety and delicacy. At present, Yurun has an annual production capacity of slaughtering 55,650,000 pigs, ranking the first place in the world.

    Yurun is the practitioner of full industry chain management model. Its business vertically covers planting, breedingstuff, breeding, cultivation, slaughtering, intensive processing, chain operation of fresh products, specialty the sale of cooked foods, cold chain transportation, and e-commerce, and horizontally extends to biopharmaceutical and agricultural products logistics, packing and printing, and machinery manufacturing. With industries covering pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken, ducks, geese, and rabbits, Yurun has developed into an operating enterprise of a full chain from farmland to the dining table. Also, Yurun has taken the lead in establishing a full-process traceable food safety system, and truly realized that “the source is traceable, the trend can be investigated and verified, and the responsibility can be held accountable”.

    Yurun guides industrial development with scientific and technological research and development. Yurun is the first food enterprise simultaneously having “one laboratory, two stations, and three centers” in China, namely, one national key laboratory, one post-doctoral work station, one academician work station, one national meat products engineering center, one national enterprise technology center, and one national research and development center. Yurun has taken charge of formulating nearly ten national standards, and successively undertaken the national 10th, 11th, and 12th Five-Year Technological Support Plan for the meat industry.

    In January, 2014, for the project “The Innovation and Application of the Key Technologies and Equipment for Quality Control of Cooled Meat” jointly completed with Professor Zhou Guanghong’s Research Group of Nanjing Agricultural University, Yurun Group obtained the Second Prize of the National Award for Scientific and Technological Advancement.

Value Orientation of Yurun Food

Ethical concept: The food industry is a sector whose fame is ensured by its ethics.

Core concept: Being as sincere as rain, and moistening thousands of families

Common vision: Making life healthier, more delicious, and more comfortable

Enterprise goal: Becoming the most trusted food enterprise

Enterprise tenet: Repaying customers, the society, employees, and stockholders