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Yurun Party Construction

Overview of Yurun Party Organization

   Along with the enterprise’s development, the Group’s Party member team has been developed and expanded constantly. Even at the early stage of entrepreneurship in 1993, when there were only two party members, the enterprise’s founder paid much attention to the construction of party organization, and required the two party members to initiatively get affiliated to Shazhou Subdistrict Shuanghe Village Party Branch. The Company’s Party Branch was established in 1997, then upgraded to Party General Branch in 2001, and further upgraded to Party Committee in 2005. Later in April 2011, along with the Group’s industrial development, Yurun Party Organization was further upgraded to Yurun Group Party Committee, controlling six industries as well as the subsidiary/ branch companies’ party organization under each industry. Since the establishment of Yurun Food Group’s Party Committee, the Group’s party organization has stepped into the stage of high-speed development in terms of both coverage ratio and number of party members, and accepted up to more than 200 staff members having university education background annually. By the end of 2013, the whole Group had had 164 grass-root party organizations, and more than 4,500 party members.


    As early as 2006, the Group was determined to be a contact point for party building work by Luo Zhijun, the governor of Jiangsu Province at that time, and the incumbent secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee. In 2010, the Group was elected “Advanced Pilot Unit for Party Building Culture of China’s Private Enterprises” for its party building work. In June 2011, the Group’s Party Committee was elected “National Advanced Unit of Enterprises’ Party Building Work at the 90th Anniversary of CPC Foundation”. In August 2011, the Group was honorably titled as “Top 100 Party Organizations Being Powerful in Party Building and Development of National Non-Public Enterprises”.